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“We Compound Your Success!”

Ethiopolymers private limited company is the outcome of the successful business etiquette of Aschalew’s family. The company has been leading the manufacturing of PVC compound since March 2001 and the largest manufacturer and market leader in PVC compound in Ethiopia. The ultra-manufacturing facility at Tatek Industry Zone is equipped with state-of-the-art-technology, producing a wide range of PVC compounds to meet our customer’s requirement. After realizing the need for diversification of the business, the company has embarked in the production of pipes and conduits, continuously striving to meet the needs of the construction sector.

We also export high quality agricultural products. We have different Coffee Beans and oil seeds such as Sesame Seeds, Niger Seed, Chickpeas, Soya Beans, Red Kidney Beans, White Pea Beans and Green Mung Beans.

Our Ethiopian based firm is a private limited company engaged in manufacturing of PVC compound which has various applications in the plastic industry. Our products are used as a major input for the production of articles made out of plastics, including electrical wire insulation, cable sheathing, plastic shoe and soles, etc.




Quality is the signature of our work!


Customers’ satisfaction is our priority!


On time delivery is our core value!


Honesty and integrity is what we long for!


Our products are highly innovative and eco-friendly!


We offer very competitive and fair price!


Our products are guaranteed!




Our vision is to be the leading and most preferred firm in manufacturing and supply of polymers.



Our mission is to be number one innovative, flexible, customer oriented polymers and related products manufacturer with sound business values, ethics. We always strive to create a positive impact on consumers by its distinctive products. Moreover, we focus on contribution to the Country’s economic development through import substitution.

What we do

The demand from the footwear industry as well as construction and real estate sectors has been increasing over the years, implying parallel growth in the demand for flexible compounds, pipes and conduits, door frames, floor tiles, etc. In the compounds domain, there are 35 types of flexible grades and 20 types of rigid grades where all are produced by PVC (Poly vinyl chloride) resin and other additives as deemed necessary .

Core values


Ethiopolymers is committed to the values that are necessary for the realization of its vision to achieve full potential of the company. We also strive to adhere to the values and actively works towards it. To this end, the company is guided by following principles to generate maximum values;

Adaptable and agile in changing circumstances, bringing a positive outlook and creating ideas to generate values and drive continuous improvement in the company’s performance.

Mutual respect, trust and integrity that the company’s employees embraces in the working place; while aiming to build mutual trust with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Adopt the highest standards of business ethics and integrity in all operations and fully comply with legal requirements at all times.

Strive to achieve minimum environmental impact from operations and also act consciously every day to keep working teams safe.




GF Hakan Plastik


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