About us


Dedicated To Excellence!

Ethiopolymers private limited company is the outcome of the successful business etiquette of Aschalew’s family. The company has been leading the manufacturing of PVC compound since March 2001 and the largest manufacturer and market leader in PVC compound in Ethiopia. The ultra-manufacturing facility at Tatek Industry Zone is equipped with state-of-the-art-technology, producing a wide range of PVC compounds to meet our customer’s requirement. After realizing the need for diversification of the business, the company has embarked in the production of pipes and conduits, continuously striving to meet the needs of the construction sector.
The company has been able to register a significant annual average sales revenue growth of 40%, starting at ETB 2.85 Million and currently (At the end of EFY 2006) standing at ETB 223.8 Million. The company has also been able to live up to the expectation of its clients, thus enjoying the benefits of a wide array of customer base.
EthioPolymers P.L.C. has been continuously improving the quality of its products to ensure the satisfaction of its customers’ requirements supported by its modern testing laboratory. The company has been ISO 9001:2008 QMS certified since June 2012.


Organizational structure

The organizational structure of the company constitutes all the necessary department and units for the effective and smooth running of its operations. These departments and work units are well staffed with well qualified personnel. The departments are:

Quality Assurance
Marketing & Sales
The founder and the managing director of the company Aschalew Mulatu has years of experience in Polymers and related plastic production. The long years of experience gained by the company in the field of PVC compounding as a pioneer to the country grants undoubted recognition by the industry that positions the company at best-practice level in the production and marketing.